Friend Renting
Rent experienced people, whether you seek advice, project assistance, or a friendly conversation. Also you can monetize your skills by offering your expertise and turn your time into income.Learn More
Landing page that showcases the functionality of the zima mobile app through compelling storytelling.Learn More
AI entertainment platform to text, talk, or video chat with AI characters, offering a way to create your own AI character.Learn More
Landing page for an AI personal operating system, explaining how the OS works.Learn More
Anonymous question & answer to get feedback from your followers on social media.Learn More
SDK framework for financial institutions that allows them create their own AI-powered financial assistant.Learn More
KreatorDev Website
A personal website to introduce myself, showcase my work, and to share my thoughts, providing a way to contact me.Learn More
Keto diet tracker for a sugar-free lifestyle providing AI-powered keto menu and food barcode scanners.Learn More
Voice chat AI
Create AI characters with voice replies, experience the magic of AI as characters respond with realistic voice messages.Learn More
AI health coach that provides personalized AI tips, reminders, and advice for a healthier you.Learn More
AI chat stories app to play or create AI characters and simulate their own persona in those stories.Learn More
Ask Nova
Voice AI assistant app to answer your questions, designed to save time and provide quick answers.Learn More
AI chat games that brings you exciting AI games every day, designed to challenge strategic thinking and negotiating skills.Learn More
Daedalus Wallet
A cryptocurrency wallet app to create a secure crypto wallet, and to send, receive, and manage cryptocurrency assets.Learn More
AI chatbot app where you can find many AI characters, and chat with them.Learn More
Creator Performance Marketing
An deals app to help TikTok creators find the best deals, and to help brands find the best creators.Learn More
Zoom Tap Animation
A zoom animation package to zoom in/out any widget, and create a zoom animation effect.Learn More
AI personal financial assistant app to manage your money, get AI insights about your finances.Learn More
Anonymous question & answer app to get feedback from your followers on social media.Learn More
A music rooms to listen, discover, and share music with other people, and to create rooms to listen to music together.Learn More
A college marketplace app to buy and sell items with other students, also to services like design, tutoring, and more.Learn More
A hang-out college app to help students find, meet new people, and create audio rooms, and chat with friends.Learn More
A voice notes app to record, transcribe, and save voice notes, and to share them with friends.Learn More
A college social app to help students know each other by asking and answering questions anonymously.Learn More